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I am Vesta Irene and my husband Ken and I are a pair of photographers, who would be more than honored to talk with you about your wedding photography needs.

I trained as a portrait photographer and I dearly love photographing people, especially infants and children and Ken likes to photograph weddings and events in a photojournalistic style, because he loves getting the candid shots. Actually we both do, you know, Mom crying as her daughter says, "I do," the shine in the grooms eyes as he sees his bride for the first time coming up the aisle in her wedding dress and the hundreds of smiles you can see during a wedding reception.

Amanda in her Wedding Gown

We, like a lot of good wedding photographers, believe wedding photography is an art, as is processing the photos afterward. Some people think all we do is point, shoot and collect money. Let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth.

We usually take over a thousand photographs between the two of us and we process them all in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Again, I said all of them, not just a few. If our bride or her bridesmaids have any blemishes, we remove them all in each and every picture. We believe we charge a fair price and our brides deserve our best work for it.

Dionne in Her Gorgeous Wedding Dress

When we photograph a wedding we like to start with the bride at the beginning of her wedding day journey. I capture her makeup and hair, getting into her dress, her bridesmaids lacing it up and more. While I’m with the bride, Ken is with the groom and his groomsmen, recording the groom getting into his suit or tux and oftentimes the high jinks they may be getting up to during the process.

Felicia in her Wedding Dress at Sand Harbor

All of our wedding packages include a photoshoot sometime after the wedding day, where our bride and her groom too if he wants, get to do a trash the dress shoot with us. This gives our bride a chance to really shine in her dress one more time.

Plus, we can do this shoot at a gorgeous location, like Lake Tahoe’s Sand Harbor on the Nevada side or Sugar Pine Point on the California side, or in always beautiful Rancho San Rafael Park. Also, we are never under the gun, time-wise, during a trash the dress shoot, so we can take all of it we need to set up and get photographs like the one above. 

Paul and April by Vesta Irene

Ken is a fan of black and white and sepia toned photography, like the photograph above, but we know as much as a bride and groom may appreciate the dramatic effect, they want the color version as well, so we give them both.

One of the most difficult duties of a wedding photographer is to stay out of the way as much as possible. We understand that many of the guests are taking pictures and maybe even video on their cellphones and we try like the dickens not to be in all their photographs. After all, nobody wants to see our backsides in all their photos.

Megan Square 2 pp

Also, I like to think one thing that makes us different from most other wedding photographs is that we welcome guests with cameras and even cellphones to join us when we do the formal photos after the ceremony. Ken usually directs this. He’ll say something like, “Vesta is taking the picture now, so everybody look at her.” And he’ll tell the others who want to participate to keep their cameras down, because nobody wants photos with the happy couple looking at the wrong camera.

Valeria Special 1 by Ken Douglas

Then he’ll say something like, “It’s Aunt Ester’s turn, so every body look at her.” And then maybe it’ll be uncle Harry or the bride’s sister. Ken always shoots last. This may take a little longer, but this way our bride and groom get a lot more photos, plus Aunt Ester and Uncle Harry’s photos are the best they can be.

Now that you know a little about our wedding photography philosophy I’d like to close by saying we know we’re expensive, we’re right up there with your wedding dress, the caterers, the venue and even some wedding cakes. We know you can find photographers for less and in this economy, if you go that way, we understand.

Brides 047

But I like to think we’re a diamond in a sea of coal. We’re not the only diamonds in that ocean, to be sure, but all the other diamonds are expensive too. Like many other real wedding photographers, we have years of experience and we take thousands of dollars of photographic gear to our weddings to do our job.

Jess Square 3

We don’t show up with one camera, point and shoot, go home burn the images to a dvd and send them out and then forget about you. We care about each and every photograph and like I said above, we take time with each and every photo when we process them.

And all that being said, if you’re looking for a pair of the best wedding photographers in Reno, we’d be more than honored if you’d give us a look.

Vesta Irene Wedding and Portrait Photography, 1250 Ralston Street, Reno, NV 89503 
Phone: 775 393-9529